The NDT world meets annually at the largest conference for technicians, researchers, and other professionals to exchange information and technologies about non-destructive testing.

This year, Inuktun Services Ltd. exhibited at the ASNT Annual Conference, where CEO Colin Dobell presented a technical paper titled, Marsupial Miniature Robotic Crawler System for Camera and Sensor Deployment in Nuclear Waste Double-shell Tank Refractory Air Slots. You can request your copy of the presentation below, and even let us know if you have any questions you would like to see addressed.

As always, Inuktun brought a number of cameras and crawlers to demo onsite at our booth. Was there a particular product you were hoping to see? Request a live demonstration at your worksite!

October 26-29, 2015
Salt Palace Convention Center
Salt Lake City, Utah

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Inuktun Booth # 1120 at ASNT Annual Conference 2015

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Request your copy of CEO Colin Dobell's onsite presentation at ASNT 2015:

Marsupial Miniature Robotic Crawler System for Camera and Sensor Deployment in Nuclear Waste Double-shell Tank Refractory Air Slots

A Technical Paper by Colin Dobell & Scott Robinson of Inuktun Services Ltd.

"Beginning in the 1940s, Hanford scientists recognized a need to protect people and the environment from irradiated and chemically contaminated fuel rods. Traditional disposal methods were not possible, so they developed and built huge underground tanks to store the waste. Over time, problems with tank integrity led to leaks which, in some cases, contaminated the local groundwater. To address this problem, engineers installed more robust underground tanks with a second shell and a reinforced concrete base (“double shell tanks”) to ensure the safe storage of this hazardous material.  Work to transfer the material from the old tanks into the new tanks continues to this day…"

Drawing on more than 25 years of experience designing remotely operated crawlers, cameras and robotic systems for confined spaces and hazardous environments, Inuktun has put forward a robotic concept that can be deployed through the annulus and into the refractory air slots to provide detailed assessment of both the concrete foundation and the steel tank floor — while addressing multiple complex challenges:

  • Deployment to the air slots entry through the annulus
  • Maneuvering inside the air slots
  • Negotiating bends and transitions between the types of slots
  • Integration of on-board sensors
  • Recovery of the system

By combining various existing technologies, as well as integrating new modules and methodologies, Inuktun has developed a solution capable of tackling the above issues like no other commercially available product in existence today.