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Above or below the water line, the Inuktun MaggUT™-Marine (MUM) provides detailed visual inspections and thickness measurements on ship hulls, pressure vessels, large diameter pipes or almost any steel infrastructure. Portable and powerful, the MUM incorporates a Crystal Cam® camera and an ultrasonic testing (UT) transducer from Cygnus Instruments – a world leader in diver held NDT systems; their integrated technology allows inspectors to employ different echo features for error checking measurements through thick coatings, uncoated surfaces with heavy back-wall corrosion or pitting, or on painted surfaces with heavy back-wall corrosion.

Easy to operate, quick to deploy, and surprisingly affordable, the MaggUT™-Marine includes a PC based control system that records both the live video and the thickness readings automatically. And, Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology makes it easy to swap in dual or single mode UT probes, a Spectrum 45™ pan and tilt camera or a longer tether cable whenever the need arises.

Key Specifications

  • Depth Rating: 60m / 200ft
  • Maximum Tether Length: 60m / 200ft
  • Maximum Speed: 9m / 30ft per minute
  • Vehicle Payload: up to 4.5kg / 10lb
  • Front Facing Camera: Crystal Cam®
  • Optional: Spectrum 45™ camera and/or auxiliary
    Crystal Cam®
  • UT Probe: Cygnus single or twin element DIVE probe
  • Operating Temperature: 0°-40° C / 32°-104° F
  • Vehicle Weight: 9.4kg / 20.5lb in air without tether
  • Vehicle Dimensions: 386x280x162mm / 15x11x6in


  • Standard Components: 2 x 4000 series Microtracs™, 1 x Crystal Cam® camera, 1 x UT probe with electronics canister and actuator mechanism, 1 x couplant pump box for dry operations, laptop PC, power supply / interface box, Inuktun ICON and InPRO software for control and reporting.
Inuktun MaggUT™ - Marine Crawler

“…a robot that can photograph or survey a hull from gunnels to keel and stem to stern while the ship’s still in the water — we are talking huge savings in time and cash.”

— N. Stark, former Captain and Port Authority CEO

Built Multi-Mission Modular

Inuktun Standard Product Assembly Chart: MaggUT™ – Marine

Click chart for larger image

Standard IM3 Options

Custom configurations: see dealer for details

Spectrum 45™

Pan and Tilt Camera for more detailed visual inspection

Inuktun Spectrum 45™ Camera

Cygnus Single

(SC2) Single Element Probe suitable for most applications
2.25 MHz 13mm / 0.5in

SC2 Single Element Probe

Cygnus Twin (T5B)

(T5B) Standard Dual Element Probe suitable for most applications, including heavily corroded and pitted steels
5 MHz 2 x 8mm / 0.5in

T5B Standard Dual Element Probe

Unique Features

Interchangeable UT Probes

Interchangeable UT Probes

In addition to the Cygnus
probes listed above, we can also incorporate versions from other preferred manufacturers.

Integrated Reporting Software

Integrated Reporting Software

Sensor data on-screen with options to add annotations and tag frames in real time.
Automate vehicle tasks
through software.


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MaggUT™ – Marine Standard Dimensions

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