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  • Modular/Adaptable Design
  • Low Lux
  • High Res
  • Rugged Construction
  • Dimensioned for Helicopter Transport
  • Low weight (<25kg)
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Reliable performance in the SPLASH ZONE

There are few offshore environments as hostile as the South East Asian splash zone: heave and sea current, salt concentrations from spray, desiccating winds and temperature extremes…

Most crawlers are designed for atmospheric zone or subsea conditions; some are adapted for both. Almost none are at ease crossing back and forth through the splash zone, let alone working continuously in between. That means less downtime, fewer delays and no support vessels!


ROV, RVI Partner of Choice

For OffShore Oil & Gas production facilities in China and South East Asia, remote visual inspection of plant and equipment is about maximising uptime, minimising revenue loss, and ensuring operational safety.

But with ASEAN operating costs running at all-time highs, it’s critical to secure the best, most affordable partner for your RVI needs. Call today for professional service and speedy delivery in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and throughout the region. Short-Term Rentals also available!

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The Inuktun Difference

Whatever confined spaces you need to access – pressure vessels, caissons, pipework or risers Inuktun has the cameras and crawlers best-suited for jobs in Maritime South East Asia: subsea, topside, and everywhere in between. Make the quality choice — and trust Inuktun to deliver it.

When it comes to top-quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology with sound, competitive pricing, there is no better choice than Inuktun in Asia.

Our remote visual inspection equipment sets the standard for reliability and performance.

Environmental Focus

At Inuktun, we believe in the best of all possible worlds: superior Quality and leading-edge Technology, coupled with Environmental Awareness and Health & Safety.  We assess the environmental impact of all our products, services and key processes, minimising waste and pollution by ensuring mindful use of material resources. 

ASEAN Leadership, Global Compliance

As part of our continuous commitment to meeting the criteria of your hazardous area plant zones, Inuktun Services Ltd is moving actively towards compliance in all respects with the global IECEx standards programme; we are striving to expedite this process wherever possible.

So you can rest assured — the best RVI partner for your requirements, is the right choice for business.