Inuktun System Goes to Turkey

Pipe inspection companies all over the world depend on Inuktun Services Ltd. to invest in reliable equipment.

Mahmut Altinbas, owner of Turkey-based Altinbas Insaat, spent three months researching equipment to help him with the construction of utility services before purchasing a Versatrax 150 and a Crystal Cam Push Camera from Inuktun.

"Our aim is to create long-term value by providing engineering, construction and service skills to customers," Altinbas said. "We needed a technological tool to inspect all these utility services."

After traveling half way around the world to visit Inuktun, Altinbas bought a Versatrax 150 to inspect sewer, water and natural gas pipes.

The mobile robotic system, which is available to rent from Ashtead Technology Rentals, is a long-range internal pipe inspection crawler.

The vehicle is built modularly, making it easily configurable for round pipe or flat surface operation with a wide range of dimensions.

"Our operator, who has experience with other inspection robots, was astonished with the power of the crawler," said Altinbas. "It was running without sticking to obstacles."

Altinbas uses the Crystal Cam Push Camera, which he describes as "very practical and durable," for smaller pipes.

The system is easily manoeuvred into pipes 2 ins / 5 cm in diameter.

The camera also features 12 high-intensity LEDs for visibility in the poorly-lit septic tanks and reservoirs used by Altinbas's clients.

Canadian-based Inuktun Services is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of modular, mobile robotic systems and system components for use in hazardous areas, confined spaces and underwater applications throughout the world. For more information on the Versatrax 150, the Crystal Cam Push Camera and Inuktun's complete line of precision technology, call 1-800-468-5886 or visit


Priscilla Johnson

Since 1989, Inuktun Services Ltd. has been designing and building remotely operated systems that bridge the gap between people and the physical world, helping clients reach the unreachable and see the unseen. Whether you are working in a hazardous area, deep underwater, or in extremely confined spaces, Inuktun’s lineup of modular robotic crawlers and cameras make it possible to perform inspection and remote handling jobs safely and efficiently. And, the Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology developed by Inuktun means systems can be quickly adapted for different purposes.