Inuktun System Used by Vistas Corp

When VISTAS Corporation wanted to expand their pipe-inspection capability, they turned to Inuktun Services Ltd. for help in making their business multi-dimensional.

VISTAS which stands for Visual Inspection Specialists, Technology and Services, has been in the Visual inspection business since 1996.

The Pennsylvania-based company specializes in nuclear Steam Generator and Reactor visual inspections, but is planning to expand their market. They now have branch offices in Tennessee and South Carolina.

"Nuclear projects usually take place in the spring and the fall," said VISTAS president Edward J. Hyp. "So we're basically looking for fill in work in the off months with non-nuclear pipe inspection". With a growing demand in the mid-Atlantic region for water pipe, and oil and gas plant inspection, VISTAS decided to invest in Inuktun technology to expand his business. " We've had a long relationship with Inuktun," said Hyp. "They are always responsive to my needs." The Versatrax 100, VISTAS' most recent acquisition, is Inuktun's latest miniature crawler system. The vehicle is built using time-tested modules with added portability and durability.

The Microtrac crawlers provide traction that lets the unit inspect pipes that other systems can't access - including pipes as small as four inches in diameter and up to 100 ft. underwater. Aside from the Versatrax 100, VISTAS also owns seven other stand alone Inuktun systems. "I love the equipment I've bought from Inuktun," said Hyp. "It's very reliable. We've done 17 jobs with one crawler system without a breakdown".

Canadian-based Inuktun Services is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of modular, mobile robotic systems and system components for use in hazardous areas, confined spaces and underwater applications throughout the world. For more information on the Versatrax 100 and Inuktun's complete line of precision technology, call 1-800-468-5886 or visit


Priscilla Johnson

Since 1989, Inuktun Services Ltd. has been designing and building remotely operated systems that bridge the gap between people and the physical world, helping clients reach the unreachable and see the unseen. Whether you are working in a hazardous area, deep underwater, or in extremely confined spaces, Inuktun’s lineup of modular robotic crawlers and cameras make it possible to perform inspection and remote handling jobs safely and efficiently. And, the Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology developed by Inuktun means systems can be quickly adapted for different purposes.