Transform: the Future

Inuktun Transform the Future

Sizing up Inuktun’s multi-mission, modular (IM3) technology provides a window onto the future, with unique opportunities to see far, in advance. As a company that anticipates industry trends and emerging client needs, we are constantly working to improve our remotely operated cameras and crawlers ahead of the curve. Let’s take a look at a few examples…

Enabling the exploration of previously inaccessible environments is a key strategic focus for Inuktun. Operation under pressure, for example, is always a challenge. Inuktun now offers small manipulators and special Microtrac™ modules that can be submerged to a depth of 5,000 metres (that’s more than 7,000 pounds of pressure!).

And, until we built one, the industry had never seen a submersible, tethered pipe crawler capable of travelling more than 2 kilometres in small diameter pipe. Enter the Versatrax 300™ long range inspection system. Redefining industry standards, the Versatrax 300™ is the solution to extended distance challenges where multi-sensor inspection is required.

On the smaller side, when used for ship hull inspection our miniature magnetic crawlers can reduce the need for dry docking or specialty personnel. Reconfigurable to outperform purpose-built marine robots, the MicroMag™ effortlessly locates hull damage, assesses corrosion, identifies marine growth and invasive species — and does all these things travelling above or below the waterline.

While these cutting-edge technologies are already commercially available, Inuktun is always inventing and improving our system. Using the Spectrum 90™ embedded laser lines and camera lens telemetry, operators can already measure camera-to-object distances thanks to an Inuktun developed video analysis algorithm based on neural network programming techniques. In the near future we will be releasing software systems that provide both on-screen distance measurement and vehicle localization via video analysis. GPS-denied areas will no longer prove an obstacle to vehicle localization with the visual simultaneous localization and mapping capability Inuktun is set to release in the near future.

In keeping with these aspirations, Inuktun is pleased to introduce our new corporate tagline: Transform the Future. We believe this phrase neatly sums up Inuktun’s strong industry positioning and unique technology differentiation. Our customers not only affect and transform outcomes by assessing and mitigating future risk — in the future, end users will increasingly manage the transformation of their own Inuktun systems without an intermediary, thanks to IM3 technology.

The power to transform is the future.

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