Sensor Sensibility

Following up on our previous post about transforming the future, today we offer a glimpse inside the innovative pipe profiling sensor Inuktun is currently developing with help from the National Optics Institute (INO), Canada’s leading developer of industrial optics and photonics.

This new sensor system produces 3D measurements of the interior of a pipe which, when mounted on an Inuktun crawler system, can be used to generate a complete profile of the pipe diameter. And, the profiler can be combined with other sensors and mapping technology (currently in development) to create a complete Pipe Characterization System (PCS). Unlike many of the other pipe profiling systems on the market, our system will be able produce high resolution scans of the entire inside diameter quickly and easily.

In 2015, INO provided the first proof-of-concept prototype employing a visible laser line, camera, and laser emitter. Arranged as a triangle, these items allow for calculations of distance, length and angle to determine shape, size, and locations of features inside the pipe. The new prototype was tested with a variety of common pipe materials including CPVC, HDPE, clay, concrete, and carbon steel in both dry and wet environments. Early results were very encouraging, showing a resolution of better than +/- 3 mm inside of 600 mm diameter pipe.

Ongoing work will be carried out to ruggedize the system, improve the quality of the 3D renderings, incorporate position correction, and implement software for automated defect detection. Inuktun expects to release the new system in mid-2016.

Although development is not yet complete, Inuktun is already discussing multiple applications with a handful of clients in oil & gas, municipal sewer, nuclear and mining industries. Complete turnkey crawler systems incorporating the profiling sensor will be available for purchase, or current customers can have their existing systems adapted to incorporate the profiling hardware.

And, the nature of Inuktun’s multi-mission, modular technology allows for systems to be reconfigured for almost any application. Adding other technologies, like our new profiling sensor, is fast, easy and helps our client stay ahead of increasing demands for more information in remote inspections. Contact Inuktun today to discuss how our product offerings will provide a specialized solution to your remote visual and sensing ventures.