Inuktun Sighting #23: Inspect, Assess, Repeat (in 10 Years)

Inuktun’s Spectrum 90™ pan-tilt-zoom camera was spotted atop a multi-sensor robot from RedZone Robotics, as part of a pipe inspection presentation delivered recently by R.V. Anderson Associates Ltd.

Spectrum 90™ on RedZone Robotics Inspection Robot

The presentation shines a light on the rising costs associated with pipeline breaks and sewer collapses resulting from the absence of regular inspection and preventative maintenance. Pipe inspection tools, like Inuktun’s Spectrum 90™ high resolution CCTV camera, extend the life of sewer assets by providing baseline data that is used to assess pipeline degradation over time and to guide any necessary corrective action.

Industry best practices supports inspection at the time of construction to create a benchmark. Subsequent inspections should be conducted every 10-15 years, regardless of a satisfactory condition report prior. Proactive versus reactive condition assessments saves dollars and time, removing the risk of possible pipe collapse and other infrastructure concerns.

RedZone Robotics have integrated over ten Spectrum 90™ cameras in their inspection robots. What problems will our multi-mission, modular technology solve for YOUR remote inspection needs? Contact us to find out today.