Takes a Whackin', Keeps on Trackin'

Versatrax 100™ Inline Arrival in Damaged Packaging

Successfully delivering remote visual inspection equipment worldwide, we were surprised to hear that a Versatrax 150™ inline rental crawler recently arrived in damaged packaging at a work site in Oregon, Ohio. Our preferred shipping courier normally delivers undamaged products and parts to our customers around the world without incident, so we have to ask what happened here.

Customer Quest Integrity, a global leader in the development and delivery of asset integrity and reliability management services, received the robotic crawler in a PVC shipping tube which had broken in half. The amount of force it would take to break this packaging is no small amount. That said, the crawler was removed from the mangled packaging and sent to a pipe inspection job completely unscathed. Quest reported that the mission was a complete success. They were able to run the entire 2,400 foot pipe from both ends with 1,300 feet from one end and 1,100 feet from the other; they stopped when they saw the tracks from their previous run.

Versatrax 100™ Inline At the Job Site

Versatrax 100™ Inline At the Job Site

Sending your equipment back for an upgrade, preventative maintenance, or repair? Consider these tips to ensure your gear is protected.

  • Keep your equipment’s original packaging, and/or document how it was shipped to you from the factory as a reference when you need to send your equipment away.
  • Use packaging that is rated to handle the weights associated with the product that is shipping. Refer to your product’s user manual for these specifications.
  • Never ship cameras, vehicles, or controllers loose in a box or container.
  • Imagine the package dropping from a four foot height. Would the packaging protect your product?
  • When shipping the MicroMag™ or other vehicles with a strong magnetic field, always use the factory steel lined ship cases originally provided. This ensures that they are FAA safe for transport.

Inuktun cannot be held responsible for damages due to improper packaging. Shipping damage may have significant impact on repair turnaround times.

Inuktun provides local support that can offer quick turnaround times and readily available loaner equipment. Contact us today to learn how we can best support your operating needs.