Inuktun Sighting #25: Striving to be "Part" of the Solution

Inuktun’s long-time customer, SewerVUE, was spotted in an article by Canadian Underground Infrastructure, discussing the benefits of pipe penetrating radar (PPR) with a multi-sensor inspection robot. SewerVUE’s vehicle is the first commercially available inspection robot to use CCTV, LIDAR, and PPR to inspect underground pipes.

The vehicle comprises of a Versatrax 300™ chassis with LED tri-lights, travelling on Inuktun’s 7000 series Minitracs™, providing CCTV data via Spectrum 90™ PTZ and Crystal Cam® cameras. Radar information is collected simultaneously by SewerVUE’s high frequency PPR antennae. The robotic system has been used to inspect sections of the Del Norte Trunk Sewer in Stockton, California, and a 120 inch diameter brick lined sewer originally constructed in 1906, amongst others

Inspection of the Del Norte Trunk Sewer

SewerVUE performs non-destructive testing (NDT) to assess the condition of aging pipeline. With the added ability of PPR, they are able to map pipe wall thickness and corrosion, presenting feedback on any maintenance, repair or replacement required. These innovative and cost effective NDT methods of pipe condition assessment provide valuable information on structural condition and remaining life of pipeline assets.

Inuktun regularly collaborates with OEM partners to provide transportation, visual feedback and remote tooling to client supplied sensors and third party technology. Contact us today to find out how our multi-mission, modular technology can solve your inspection needs.