For Your Why's Only


We recently discussed Seatronics’ use of Inuktun’s manipulator on their Predator ROV Elite system here. Until Seatronics published this press release, we weren’t entirely sure what they were up to (like so many other client confidential applications). The ROV system was designed for the military and defence industry to use in dealing with improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

And now Seatronics has published this press release on their collaboration with Inuktun to provide multi-function manipulators for their underwater vehicles. Inuktun’s standard manipulator includes interchangeable jaw sets and a pressure compensated housing making it an invaluable addition to Seatronics’ ROV. We’re excited about future opportunities to work with them to develop new options that complement their existing product line.

The Seatronics team has a great reputation in the industry and, as demonstrated with this latest development, they have the ability to solve problems that others cannot.
— Colin Dobell, Inuktun President and CEO

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