Inuktun Sighting #26: Current Technology, Current Customer, Current Affairs

The most recent sighting of Inuktun’s multi-mission, modular (IM3) technology comes from customer TSC Inspection Systems’ website. TSC provides non-destructive testing services built on their patented Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) technology. ACFM is an electromagnetic technique used for detection and measurement of surface breaking cracks. This technology is advantageous to the industry because it works through several millimetres of coatings. Without the need to remove protected coatings from assets, downtime is minimized for critical operations.  As a result, ACFM technology is quickly becoming a preferred inspection method.


TSC’s ACFM MagCrawler™ utilizes a Versatrax 100 MicroMag™ chassis, a pair of Microtracs™, a pan and tilt Spectrum 45™ camera, and TSC’s probe for ACFM inspection. The system is typically used for subsea weld inspections that are inaccessible or cost prohibitive to divers. The magnetic vehicle operates semi-autonomously and is deployed by an ROV. TSC’s inspection technology and crawler founded on Inuktun components delivers high inspection performance with the capability to inspect defects as small as 15mm by 1mm.

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