Inuktun Sighting #24: Wishing You Many Happy Returns

Poorly Packaged Versatrax 150™ vehicle

With the season of gift-giving (and gift exchanges) upon us, now’s a great time to think about wrapping and packing for maximum protection in transit. Inuktun technology may be rugged and multi-mission modular, but it’s hardly impervious to the harsh handling and hostile pressures of our postal system!

Case in point:  A leading provider of rental equipment recently shipped their Versatrax 150™ parallel vehicle to our Canadian service centre for repair, without adequately packaging it first. This resulted in unnecessary damage to the vehicle, with the tether connector actually blowing a hole through the Pelican® case it was shipped in. As the images indicate, packaging was insufficient, meaning the superfluous breakage could have been easily avoided.

Our last post included some valuable packaging tips. Inuktun highly recommends that clients keep the foam inserts which originally shipped with the product or system; using the original packaging and replicating how an order was received will allow for the best success when shipping any technology.

Tether Connector through Pelican® case

When you purchase Inuktun equipment, you are also procuring the after-sales service that ensures minimum downtime and around-the-clock support to get the inspection job done. All our products come with a standard one-year warranty (some limitations apply) with options for extended warranties, preventative maintenance and even loaner equipment, in case your original system needs to be returned for a repair or upgrade. With service centres at multiple Inuktun offices, we provide local support.

Interested in a tune-up of your Inuktun camera, tracks or crawler? Contact your Inuktun representative to find out how we can keep your equipment running longer, faster, and more efficiently. (Save yourself a few hundred bucks by returning your equipment already cleaned! A non-negotiable fee starting at $200 USD is incurred for equipment sent back requiring sanitation before being maintained, repaired or upgraded.)

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