Choosing the Right Reel



Get reel. More specifically, get the right reel to match your inspection needs while operating your quality Inuktun crawler or camera.

To accommodate inspection jobs from just a few metres with a drop camera to more than two kilometres with a Versatrax 300™ robotic crawler, Inuktun’s lineup of tether reels offer portability and ease of use for lighter jobs and rugged durability and reliability for big inspection jobs that require powered assistance.

Inuktun’s mini tether reel is a durable, lightweight option for short range crawler inspections up to 500 feet.  Used with virtually any crawler system or camera, the mini reel ensures smooth deployment and recovery of the tether. The mini tether reel is easily transportable and deployment is achieved with just one person.

As tethers are the modular component subject to the greatest wear and most frequent repairs, reels also help to ensure tethers are stored correctly when not in use, securing maximum lifespan and reliability.


The portable tether reel – a reel integrated in a resistant, durable Pelican® case – allows for high level management while accommodating up to 1,000 feet of Spectrum™ tether or 800 feet of Versatrax 150™ tether.  Ideal for remote pipeline inspections, the portable tether reel will reach the job site even when the truck can’t; it can be checked as airplane luggage or delivered to the work site by helicopter.

For the big jobs like sending a Versatrax 300™ remotely operated vehicle more than 7,000 feet (2.1 kilometres) into a pipe, power assistance is critical in both deploying the crawler and retrieving it. Inuktun’s Versatrax™ tether winch gets the job done effortlessly when spooling and unspooling the tether. Both the Versatrax 150™ and Versatrax 300™ AC winches feature an auto level wind function (optional on the Versatrax 150™ vehicle), which expertly spools the tether neatly back on the reel.


All reels come with encoders for measuring distance.

For more information on Inuktun’s line of tether reels, visit or e-mail