Inuktun Sighting #3: Crawler On Set


Lights! Camera! Cue the robot!
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Inuktun’s robots generally end up in some pretty inhospitable, grimy and sometimes dangerous places, but one lucky Versatrax 150™ got a free trip to Tinsel Town to help out with an episode of Elementary, starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu.

Hey, when you’re as hard-working and good-looking as an Inuktun inspection crawler, it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood calls.

Elementary is a modern day CBS drama featuring Miller as Detective Sherlock Holmes and Liu as Dr. Joan Watson. The duo help New York’s finest solve difficult cases, albeit with their own flair and creativeness. In an episode that aired earlier this year, Holmes and Watson needed to peer deep into a dark, unwelcoming and possibly dangerous tunnel looking for clues.

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Bringing its own lights, cameras and charisma to the scene, our Versatrax 150™ did what Inuktun crawlers do best: inspect confined and hazardous spaces so humans don’t have to. Its performance may have been a bit robotic, but it helped Holmes and Watson solve the case, and the bad guy was nabbed.

Following this brush with fame and fortune, however, the VT150 arrived back at Inuktun HQ looking a little different, what with the hairpiece, gold aviator sunglasses and incessant demands for champagne and M&Ms. It's not an act that's likely to last long, though — this star's next assignment is a sludge pipe at a power plant.

Starring the Versatrax 150

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