Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show Recap


The Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show at St. John’s Mile One Convention Centre in June wasn’t the biggest trade show Inuktun attended this year, but it was certainly our most active.

“Exhibiting at the ACPS proved to be more demanding than any show I have covered for Inuktun,” said Jeff Christopherson, technical sales agent and trade show veteran. “Booth traffic was high from the start and produced many meaningful conversations with oil and gas professionals.”

It didn’t hurt that Inuktun had, according to Cogentus UK at least, one of the "best" booths — thanks to all the demos that Jeff and eastern sales manager Bill Tarant packed into one 10x10 foot exhibitor space: a Versatrax 100 MicroMag™ with 2G scanner, a VT 100 vertical crawler™, a Spectrum 120 HD camera and a manipulator! They also unveiled Inuktun’s brand new MaggUT crawler at the show.

“Attendees were fascinated by the VT 100 vertical crawler climbing up and down the tube,” said Tarant, “and we had the manipulator gripper turning, which attracted people passing by. They commented on the different end effectors that would allow the tool to be used for multiple tasks, and were impressed by its depth rating.”

Christopherson added that the MaggUT drew surprised reactions from people who had not imagined a robot could be capable of adhering to a steel surface; many immediately saw the benefit of having an underwater vehicle affixed to a ship’s hull, particularly in bad weather.

Both Tarant and Christopherson have been busy following up on discussions arising from ACPS, fulfilling product information requests and getting in touch with attendees who wanted to discuss the crawlers in further detail.

Outside of business, both were eager to explore St. John’s and its many restaurants and shops.

“The hospitality of Newfoundland lived up to its reputation,” said Tarant. “I look forward to doing it again next year!”

No answers were given, however, to the all-important question: how many cod got kissed during their visit? For now at least, the lads' lips are sealed.

If you missed us at the show, stop by our online booth and ...see it for yourself!