Compare & Contrast Inuktun's Magnetic Crawlers

Go ahead and stick it. Stick it to a ship hull, an elevator shaft, or HVAC ducting. Stick it to a reactor head, storage tanks or pipelines. You can even stick it to a bridge, wind turbine or offshore platform.

When it comes to remote inspection and ultrasonic thickness measurements on ferrous metal surfaces in air, submerged, or even in the dangerous splash zone, Inuktun Services Ltd. offers a complete line of magnetic remote crawlers to provide solutions to difficult remote inspection challenges.

Versatrax 100 MicroMag™

Versatile, simple and effective, the VT100 MicroMag™ is Inuktun’s most popular magnetic inspection crawler. As with all of Inuktun’s magnetic crawlers, it employs rare earth magnets to maintain easy maneuverability while holding tight to any ferrous metal surface — whether travelling inverted, vertical, or even submerged. The MicroMag™ visual inspection system has been engineered to deliver vivid colour imagery in real time in the most difficult to access or hazardous environments, and is capable of accepting a variety a probes and scanners. Applications include ship hulls, reactor heads, pressure vessels, offshore platforms, wind turbines and many others.


Originally designed for use on top of nuclear reactor vessels, the NanoMag™ is a small (W4.15in x H1.9in x L7.6in), easily deployable inspection crawler that takes visual inspection capability into tight spaces or hazardous environments. Equipped with a Spectrum 45™ camera, it provides close-up views of any suitable surface and is ideal for inspecting elevator shafts and HVAC ducting, reactor heads and pressure vessels, storage tanks and pipelines — and many other dry-only applications, including tanks and pipelines, as well as corrosion evaluation.

Versatrax 100 Magnetic

Precise and portable for inspections in pipes as small as eight inches in diameter with optional magnets employed, the Versatrax 100™ can travel in extremely confined spaces vertically, or even inverted on ferrous metal surfaces. Equipped with a high quality Spectrum 45™ pan and tilt camera, the VT100 can penetrate up to 600 feet of pipe in air, or submerged to 100 feet, and can be configured for round pipe or flat surfaces. Small and nimble, the VT100 is ideal for visual inspection in confined spaces, but look to the VT100 MicroMag™ for jobs that require additional payloads or scanning capabilities. Without the optional magnets, the VT100 can inspect pipes as small as four inches in diameter.


Inuktun’s newest member of the magnetic family, the MaggUT™ can be used to perform A or B scans on a variety of flat and curved surfaces for storage tanks, pipes and other steel structures. The system also includes options to add a fixed or pan and tilt video camera, providing visual inspection capability.   Unlike some other systems on the market, the MaggUT™ is truly portable — the vehicle weighs less than 15 pounds and is easily deployed and recovered by a single person.  An intuitive computerized control system allows for precise maneuvering and positioning of the crawler. The system may be purchased with the UT probe and flaw detector, or customers can integrate their own.

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