Inuktun Sighting #5: The Sureclean Twist

BP Andrew Platform, North Sea —

In the tight confines of a complex set of compressor pipes on an offshore platform in the North Sea, three is definitely a crowd.

Still, with an urgent timeline and the tough challenge of inspecting and removing debris from compressor pipes soon to be recommissioned, two trained Sureclean Ltd. personnel and their trusty Versatrax Vertical Crawler™ had no option but to get up close and personal, and get the job done.

While pipefitters and scaffolders played an impromptu game of industrial Twister trying to access the pipes, the Vertical Crawler™ efficiently inspected a series of pipes with 90 degree bends, several 45-degree ‘S’ bends and just two access points per pipe.

Also wanted on the mission was a camera system capable of providing high quality footage, while traveling along vertical and horizontal sections.

Combining the power of three Microtracs™ and an expandable tripod chassis, the unique Vertical Crawler™ regularly performs inspections over a range of pipe diameters in virtually any orientation, including multiple bends and vertical pipe segments, over distances of up to 600 feet. Powerful auxiliary LED lighting allows the Vertical Crawler™ to capture high quality video, while real-time sensors indicate pipe size and expansion force.

According to Sureclean, the project was completed without safety or environmental incident, within the required timeframe, with debris detected in the pipe and removed using vacuum equipment — and with high quality footage recorded to a USB stick before being passed on to the client.

No word as to who won the round of Twister…

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