Inuktun Sighting #8: On a Quest

Even we are constantly amazed at the range and diversity of interesting uses for our products.

Earlier this year, we learned that our Microtracs™ would be used on the first robot developed by GE-Hitachi to enter the devastated Fukushima nuclear plant to inspect the damage.

More recently, we learned of Quest Inspar’s PipeArmor® robotic technology, which incorporates Inuktun’s high-torque Minitrac™. PipeArmor® is a unique pipe cleaning robot that rehabilitates and extends the life of existing and new pressurized pipelines critical to water utilities, power generation, energy, and industry at large. According to Quest Inspar, PipeArmor® delivers environmentally safe, chemically resistant and highly durable high-build polymer liners into pipe systems to achieve improved protection against wall loss and degradation.

How cool is that?

In this case, the high-torque Minitracs™ provided the pull strength and payload capacity to drive the heavy robot over extended distances.

It’s another great example of how Inuktun works with its partners to create efficiencies, protect the environment, and provide a means to go where people can’t or shouldn’t.

What’s more, it’s a great demonstration of Inuktun’s product modularity — the cornerstone of our technology — which allows companies like like Quest Inspar develop their own solutions to unique challenges.

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