Inuktun Sighting #9: The Italian Job


Spoiler alert: problem solved.

VT150 Parallel Crawler Deployment

Last month, Inuktun’s lead engineer Richelle Eck and Inuktun Europe’s Russell Fraser travelled to Italy with a Versatrax 150 Vertical Crawler™, a Versatrax Vertical Crawler, a VT150 parallel, and a NanoMag to perform a demo for Enel, Italy’s public utility company.

Enel provides power through several applications, including nuclear, hydro and geothermal generation.

The first job at a site chosen by Enel was to access an overflow pipe; this was initially attempted using the VT 150 Vertical Crawler. Later, the VT150 parallel with a Spectrum 90™ camera was deployed. It successfully negotiated a series of bends, while inspecting several joints and points of concern in the pipe.

A serious buckle in the pipe was discovered, and the team retrieved the crawler without incident.

The second job required deploying the VT150 parallel 250 feet into a flat bottomed tunnel, where once again it successfully inspected a series of cracks and defects in the pipe.

Screenshot from SP90 on VT150 Parallel in Pipe

Enel representatives reported their satisfaction with the demo, and discussed several other applications Inuktun crawlers may be well positioned to assist with — including using laser profiling, sonar, and UT.

As they say in the movies, to be continued…

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