Inuktun Sighting #4: Exhibitionist in the House

When you’re this attractive, you’re going to draw a crowd. That's the idea, anyway.

Our tradeshow exhibitors might assume we’re talking about them, but we’re actually talking about the booth they set up at a Waste Management conference this spring in Phoenix, Arizona.

It was a beauty. Compelling enough to stop passersby at the show, and stylish enough to earn high praise from fellow exhibitor and software developer Cogentus UK, who picked two favourite booths from the show, including yours truly.

With working demos of Inuktun’s Versatrax 100 Vertical Crawler™ navigating a vertical plastic pipe, and a VT 100 MicroMag™ with UT probe travelling vertically on a steel wall, it’s no wonder the Inuktun booth was busy — four working systems sharing the same demo space...!

Of course, our exhibitor team's human charms may also have had something to do with it the appeal factor. No one's denying that possibility.

Look for us next at the Pipeline Energy Expo in Tulsa, OK, at Booth No. 424, August 25-26 — please stop by and say hello. Get a sneak peek of what we're preparing now!

Many thanks to our friends at Cogentus UK for the kind recognition. It's much appreciated!

You never know when you're going to come across Inuktun's robotic systems. Remember to snap a photo of #InuktunInTheWild and send it our way for a chance to win a prize...