Weighing Your Options? Check Our Answers…

Determining the best equipment sourcing option for your operation's remote inspection needs is one of the primary considerations in an initial conversation with our Inuktun sales experts.  Because every company's requirements vary, it's not instantly obvious where renting or purchasing our multi-mission, modular technology makes the most sense.

Based on our own experiences and customer feedback, we have created a quiz to help you decide what option will best suit your needs. We have received an encouragingly positive response on the Buy VS Rent quiz created for Inuktun's MaggUT crawler, the new, man-portable magnetic crawler with integrated UT scanning capability. This economical system is the ideal choice for visual and ultrasonic inspection of steel structures like pipes, retaining walls and storage tanks. Because it incorporates industry standard UT equipment, it is the perfect tool for API 653 certified inspectors. If you've found yourself caught up in all the attention on the new UT scanning crawler, take a run at our quiz to find out whether the MaggUT™ is the right choice for you as a rental or part of your capital equipment fleet.

Keep your eyes peeled for more helpful quizzes on Inuktun products, and contact us for answers on your specific application and industry requirements.