Houston, We Have Lift-Off!

Hello, Houston!

Inuktun Services Ltd. is pleased to announce that today, August 28th, 2015, marks the official launch of Inuktun InCommand Robotics, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary, located at 10635 Richmond Ave. Suite 100A in Houston, Texas.

According to ISL President and CEO Colin Dobell, setting up in Texas made sense on several fronts. 

Inuktun InCommand Robotics LLC Official Launch

“Being in Houston gives us the ability to provide demo, rental and repair services to our customers in a more timely and effective manner than we can from headquarters in Canada,” said Dobell. “Because of the proximity to so many of our existing customers, we expect to be able to solve many of the sales and rental inquiries within the same day.”

Inuktun clients, such as Dow Chemical, BP, Cat-Spec Ltd., Acuren, and Aetos, regularly perform a variety of tank, pipe and infrastructure inspections in nearby industrial areas.  Our local office will provide them with quick access to our wide range of multi-mission modular robotic technologies, allowing them to see more and do more than ever before.

U.S. National Sales Manager Wade Leach will lead the InCommand subsidiary, soon to be staffed with Inuktun trained and certified personnel familiar with our products and industries.  Marti Veatch, Inuktun’s southeast U.S. sales representative, will continue serving her region. 

Contact our new office at 844-INUKTUN (468-5886) with any inquiries or, if you're in the area, please feel free to just stop in the office, say hello and see what products are available for a hands-on demonstration.