Inuktun Sighting #12: Reality Show

Inuktun’s South African dealer, Ryan Beech, visited company headquarters in Nanaimo, BC, recently to get some hands-on product training with our Versatrax™ pipe crawlers. While he was here, a Discovery Channel crew arrived at Inuktun to film a segment for the Daily Planet television program. Talk about timing!

They travelled to Nanaimo’s Harmac Pacific pulp mill to film a crawler system inspecting some pipe at the mill. The VT150 Vertical Crawler™ was inserted into a pipe and started inspecting the inside diameter with its onboard Spectrum 90™ PTZ camera. As the system was travelling through a 90 degree bend, with the film crew recording the operation… it happened. The crawler got stuck. Talk about timing! 

Anyone who has performed remote pipe inspection work in vertical pipes or pipes with bends knows that it isn’t easy — sometimes these things happen. Luckily the guys were able to get a good view of the problem by using a MicroMag in the same pipe. They drove up to the stuck crawler, and ascertained that the vehicle had become wedged sideways in the bend. 

Using the MicroMag’s camera to monitor the operation, they were able to pull on the tether cable and free the jammed robot. We always like to think our systems form a team of inspection tools that can solve any remote application, but who knew that one robot could rescue another?

Ryan and the Discovery crew returned to the Inuktun office to finish the day by filming a Versatrax 300™ long-range pipe inspection system.  

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