Size Does Matter

They say everything is big in Texas. Well, not if we have our way. Immediately on the heels of opening our new office in Houston, Inuktun is announcing the upcoming release of its newest miniature crawler module — the Picotrac™.

Until now, our standard crawlers have been limited to pipe four inches in diameter or larger, but this new track design will allow for inspections of pipe and ducts as small as two inches. Just like its larger siblings, the Minitrac™ and the Microtrac™, the Picrotrac™ is fully compliant with Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology, which allows for rapid reconfiguration of the remote system in order to meet project demands.

Proposed Crawler with Picotracs for Hanford Tank Inspection

When combined with new miniature sensors, camera and test equipment, the Picotrac™ forms the foundation of a complete robotic inspection system for extremely confined spaces. On Oct. 29th, at the American Society for Nondestructive Testing’s annual conference in Salt Lake City, Inuktun president and CEO Colin Dobell will be delivering a presentation that describes a new method for remote inspection of the tiny air slots underneath storage tanks at the Hanford Site in Washington. Titled “Marsupial Miniature Robotic Crawler System for Camera and Sensor Deployment in Nuclear Waste Double Shell Tank Refractory Air Slots”,  this technical paper shows how the new Picotrac™ module can be used in concert with other robotic equipment to access and inspect the tank floor through the tiny (<1.5” across) air ducts.

And this is just one example of where the new crawler has benefits. From small pipe to ductwork to heat exchangers and pressure vessels, the Inuktun Picotrac™ can get into places that, until now, had been inaccessible. Contact Inuktun today for more information.