That's Deep

What do Barry White’s voice, a 50-yard touchdown pass, and Donald Trump’s pockets have in common?

They all go deep.

We can add Inuktun’s Minitracs™, Microtracs™, and most Spectrum™ cameras to that prestigious list as Inuktun has officially increased its depth rating for these components from 30 metres to 60 metres.

a crab's dinner captured by the spectrum 90 camera

a crab's dinner captured by the spectrum 90 camera

“We've always been confident that our products were capable of going deeper than 30 metres, but that's just been our rating across the board,” says Jeff Christopherson, Inuktun’s technical sales manager. “In fact, we've pressure tested with confidence deeper than 60 metres, but for now we'll stick with 60 metres as the official rating.”

The new rating means customers using depth-rated crawlers and drop cameras can work with improved confidence at greater depths, increasing work capacity while enjoying backing from Inuktun’s warranty program.

All of Inuktun’s Minitracs™, Microtracs™, Spectrum 90™ and Spectrum 120™ cameras have been assigned the new depth rating. Only the legacy Spectrum 45™ retains its 30 metre rating, while the new generation SP45 has a 150 metre rating.

The SP90 and SP120 cameras, and aluminum and stainless steel Microtracs™ also come with 300 metre deep water options.

“All of our testing is done in our pressure tank simulator on site at Inuktun,” says Christopherson. “And, of course, we also factor in anecdotal information from customers using our products in the field.”

Finally, if you need to go really deep — we’re talking about where the ugly fish hang out (Goblin shark, anyone?) — we can do that, too. Our Microtrac 4000™ is pressure compensated to go 5,000 metres down, as is our two-function manipulator arm, which features a parallel clamping surface, as well as a cutter, sampler, V-jaw and trident for those important subsea tasks.

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