Nexxis Partners with Inuktun Services Ltd.


Inuktun Services Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has signed Nexxis as its Australian channel partner.

Nexxis is an Australian-owned supplier of specialist remote visual inspection technology, non-destructive testing equipment and laser alignment solutions to companies around the world.

Jason De Silveira

Jason De Silveira

Based in Perth, the heart of Australia’s resource sector, Nexxis managing director Jason De Silveira said his company is well-positioned to deliver a range of advanced RVI and NDT solutions to the oil and gas, subsea, energy, petroleum retail, military, pharmaceuticals, physical assets, and process industries.

“Nexxis has a GE channel partnership and the addition of Inuktun now means we have the largest RVI capability in Australia,” said De Silveira. “The Inuktun crawlers take our capabilities on large end inspections and subsea to the next level, bolstering limitless applications with our fleet.”

De Silveira added Nexxis is particularly intrigued by Inuktun’s submersible magnetic crawlers, such as the Versatrax 100 MicroMag™.

The distances the range of the magnetic crawlers covers are incredible and their ability to climb vertical pipe work is definitely a first in Australia,” he said. “Our initial focus will be the local oil and gas market and the subsea and offshore applications.

Versatrax 100 MicroMag Magnetic Crawler

Inuktun president and CEO Colin Dobell said Inuktun receives regular inquiries from Australia and that Nexxis is well-positioned to serve those requests effectively.

“We are looking forward to working with Jason and the team at Nexxis,” said Dobell. “While we have had modest success in Australia, we are excited to be able to help further Nexxis’s capabilities while expanding our own market.”

The first phase of the partnership will be to add Inuktun inspection crawlers into Nexxis’s rental pool.

To mitigate down time, De Silveira said Nexxis will offer equipment back-up services and technical support, as well as long-term leasing packages and rent-to-own options.

“Our strategy is to offer partnerships to the major awarded contracts for maintenance where we can supply the equipment for the life of the project,” he added.

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