Inuktun Sighting #27: Tracking the Versatrax

Versatrax 150 Mark II

Spotted tethered, travelling a long, long way from home, in Canadian Underground Infrastructure: Inuktun’s newly upgraded Versatrax 150™ pipe inspection crawler.

System advances include the capability of travel up to one kilometre (3,280 feet), 540 metres (1,780 feet), over twice as far as the Inuktun’s original crawler vehicle. Other noteworthy features include an automatic camera and sensor raise as well as over 10,000lm of auxiliary lighting. The Mark II uses copper tether cable with fibre optic available for high bandwidth devices like high definition cameras or Ethernet sensors - the ideal platform for Inuktun’s Spectrum 120HD™ camera.

Upgraded lights offer 10,000+lm lighting

Like the rest of Inuktun’s Multi-Mission, Modular (IM3) technology, the Versatrax 150™ can easily be fitted with different cameras, sonars, laser profilers, sensors and retrieval tools. Contact us to find out how the Versatrax 150™ can allow you to remotely inspect and assess further, faster and more efficiently today.