Kinda New Product Announcement: The Spectrum 120HD™

New product announcement:  Spectrum 120HD™.

Ok, it’s not exactly new, but it sure is improved. The Spectrum 120­™ Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) camera with a High Definition (HD) imager was originally released more than six (6) years ago. As one of the first commercially available amphibious HD PTZ camera systems it garnered a lot of interest; with our most recent developments and enhancements, it’s sure to generate even more attention.

The new system incorporates a choice of Sony HD imaging cameras that provide full 1080p resolution with high quality optical zoom capability (up to 30X). And, with a new mechanical design the camera is almost 30% lighter in weight than the earlier versions. Ideal for installation on pipe crawlers and ROVs, or simply mounted on a pole for tank and pressure vessel examinations, the Spectrum 120HD™ camera is a powerful visual inspection tool in almost any confined space or subsea environment. Plus, with future spot light LED modules the camera will be able to see at extremely long distances with no ambient light (keep watching our blog and newsletter for information!).

Expect more from Inuktun’s evolving camera line and our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology, and contact our team to learn more about the hottest HD industrial camera now available for your detailed remote inspection needs.