The Need for SPEED

By Colin Dobell, Inuktun President & CEO

Every component and system designed and manufactured by our company features Inuktun’s exclusive Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) methodology. IM3 translates into time savings, cost efficiencies and mitigation of risk for both the customer and end user. With no need to continually rebuild the technical foundation, IM3 promises significant operational advancements – allowing end users to easily add or change components depending on specific user requirements. But remote visual inspection (RVI) is just the start.

We are already providing more and more specialized sensors and tools on top of RVI. This includes the integration of ultrasonic testing (UT) probes (like those found on the MaggUT™ and MaggUT™ - Marine), manipulators, lasers, sonars, and other nondestructive testing (NDT) tools. Adding more sensing and tooling technology gives operators the tools needed to perform more thorough conditional assessments quickly and effectively.

IM3 defines the SPEED of change and describes our adaptive technology that offers solutions for even the most challenging environments and circumstances. While our products can be easily reconfigured for remote visual inspection systems, we’re ready to take operations further by integrating our accessories and yours to collect the data you need. Contact us today to learn how our technology is helping to TRANSFORM THE FUTURE.