You Deserve a Raise!

Inuktun recently introduced an enhanced version of the standard Versatrax 150™ pipe inspection crawler, known as the Mark II, and we’re focusing on one of many of its exciting new features. Historically cameras have been manually adjusted and calibrated before entering an inspection site, compelling the operator to lock in the camera’s elevation before entering the area of interest. The Versatrax 150™ Mark II, equipped with a motorized camera raise, allows for camera angles, heights, viewpoints and distances to be changed by the console operator at any time during the inspection adding flexibility and control.

Through the software user interface, inspectors can easily control the camera position during remote visual inspections in order to negotiate under obstacles like valves or offset joints. In addition, the camera (or other devices like sonar, sensors or manipulators) can be re-positioned to ensure the best possible inspection results when obstacles obstruct the view, or sags in the pipe create large areas of standing water or debris.

A quick start guide is provided with the rental or purchase of a Mark II system, and our technical staff are available to assist with your operations. Save time and money with advancements offered with the Versatrax 150™ Mark II; contact our office to learn more!