That Hits the Spot

We often take for granted the innovations and evolving capabilities occurring all around us here at Inuktun headquarters. But we’re getting better at letting people know what we are up to. Just this week we shared pictures of the first production version of our Picotrac™, the smallest crawler in our line of robust transporter modules. These units are already being utilized in the new Versatrax 50™, a pipe inspection system capable of operating in pipes, ducts and channels as small as two (2) inches in diameter! So while we’re sharing, we thought you might be interested in one of our other bright ideas…

Our Spectrum™ 90 and 120 PTZ cameras will soon be available with some upgraded technology. Historically we have provided our cameras with fully integrated, high-intensity LED floods lights. While this lighting is ideal for remote visual inspection (RVI) in reasonably close proximities (e.g. – pressure vessels, pipes, etc.), more and more customers are using our cameras for longer distance inspection work in large tanks or open areas – and the flood lights don’t quite cut it. We set to work designing a new spot light module that can be used in our camera heads but, because the space is so limited, we couldn’t just use off-the-shelf optics. So we asked the optics experts at INO for some help. And they solved the problem! The new modules are not quite available yet, but testing shows we will be able to offer these spot lights with at least 5-6 times the current intensity – which translates into a lot more inspection capability. Keep following our newsletter and blog posts for more updates in the near future.


And did you know … our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology includes waterproof, high-intensity LED light modules that can be purchased separately? The external lights used on our Versatrax™, vertical and magnetic crawlers have been designed specifically for remote visual inspection applications. They offer ideal color temperature and light patterns with optional optics and depth ratings. And most are available off-the-shelf for quick delivery. If you’re an OEM or systems integrator you’re probably already reinventing the wheel – why reinvent the light as well? Contact us  today for more information on all of our lighting options.