Inuktun Sighting #61: Put a Pin in It

As regular subscribers to Inuktun’s on TRACK blog and quarterly newsletter, you have already seen (You haven’t? Change that here) Inuktun is offering carbon fiber extendable poles for both the Spectrum 45™ pan and tilt camera and the MaggHD™ high definition tilting camera head.  And now we’ve gone a step further... We’re excited to announce our new segmented pole system specifically designed for the larger PTZ cameras like the Spectrum 90™, Spectrum 120™ and Spectrum 120HD™.

How long is it? Well that’s up to you. With its pin-lock design, individual six (6) foot long segments can be connected together to achieve the length required for your specific application. A simple, secure camera mount attaches to the pole using three screws, with a support leg to provide both stability and protection for the camera head. Ideal for inspecting in tanks, pressure vessels, nuclear fuel pools, boreholes, and a range of other confined spaces, our camera and pole combo helps you get the “hole” (groan) picture.

For more information on deployment poles for Inuktun’s cameras, contact us today!