IM3:00 – Inuktun on Time

We keep saying that our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology allows for the re-configuration of proven robot and camera modules to expand capabilities for specific inspection requirements. But what does that really mean? In a lot of cases, it’s the difference between success and failure – especially where tight timelines come in to play.

Case in point: this OnSpec Custom Solution, based on our MicroMag™ miniature magnetic crawler, was redesigned for a specific project at a nuclear facility operated by a large power generation company. They needed a small crawler that could access, inspect and take water samples inside of a transfer tunnel. At the client’s request, we modified the MicroMag™ to incorporate two of their GoPro® cameras onto a tilting mechanism at the front of the vehicle, and we designed a new water sampling system using a peristaltic pump. An onboard Spectrum 45™ camera was included to provide real-time monitoring of both the water level in the sample bottle and the position of the GoPro® cameras. From start to finish, the project took only three weeks to complete, including all of the design, assembly, and shipping! The client received the system in time and successfully completed their project during the scheduled outage.

If you have a project with aggressive schedules or demanding performance criteria, put our IM3 technology to the test! Contact Inuktun to learn about available options with our OnSite Standard Products, OnDemand Specialty Systems and OnSpec Custom Solutions to power your remote inspection, tooling or nondestructive testing challenges.