Getting into the Weeds?

Modified MaggUT™ - Marine for FPSO Cleaning; image courtesy of BroadSea ROV

Last month readers saw firsthand how our MaggUT™ – Marine (MUM) was used by BroadSea ROV to remotely remove marine growth from the hull of an FPSO (floating production storage and offloading). BroadSea mounted a Cavijet sprayer on the magnetic crawler vehicle and carried out a field demonstration for their client.

And the folks at BroadSea are continuing to have positive results with this remote cleaning solution for the marine industry. Check out the footage of some recent work performed.

Our Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology rises to the most complex marine industry challenges. The purpose-built MaggUT™ - Marine assesses vessel condition without the need for dry docking or specialty personnel, locating local hull damage or corrosion and identifying marine growth and invasive species. Travelling above and below the waterline, the MUM performs comprehensive inspection of the entire hull; and clever companies like Broadsea ROV are even using it for cleaning.

Contact our team for Inuktun’s marine white paper and more information on IM3 technology used for ship hull inspection and cleaning now!