Inuktun Sighting #64: Making a Mark or Two

Big cities all have their share of big challenges, and dealing with sewage is a seriously big job. In the mid-1990s, in order to reduce nitrogen loading in Hong Kong’s Tolo Harbour, local governments began implementing a Tolo Harbour Effluent Export Scheme (THEES). One of the drainage tunnels in this system was recently inspected for the first time by BC based SewerVUE Technology Corporation.

Working with the local project lead, Jetrod Pipeline Consultants, the SewerVue team was able to complete a condition assessment of the pipe in less than two days using a modified Inuktun Versatrax 150™ (VT150) Mark II system. The large diameter (3.18 meters) concrete lined pipe was inspected 1,000 meters inward from two entry points. And, because of Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology, the SewerVue engineers were easily able to install their LIDAR systems onto the VT150 vehicle, allowing them to gather data and generate 3D profiles of the pipe.

The Versatrax 150™ Mark II is the latest addition to the Inuktun line of pipe inspection systems. It comes standard with one (1) kilometre (3,300 feet) of tether, with options for longer cables using fiber optics. A newly designed in-line vehicle chassis enables operation in pipes from 150 to 300 millimetres (6 to 12 inches) in diameter. For larger pipes, the vehicle is reconfigured with a parallel chassis, incorporating a remotely motorized camera raise and two super-bright LED lights. A wide range of optional equipment is available, including high definition PTZ cameras, laser lines, FOSAR manipulator arms, laser profilers, sonar systems and other sensors.

Modified Versatrax 150™ Mark II with SewerVUE LIDAR

Modified Versatrax 150™ Mark II with SewerVUE LIDAR

Like all of our pipe inspection crawler systems, the Versatrax 150™ Mark II is well suited to a wide range of inspection applications including sewers, storm drains, hydroelectric penstocks, petrochemical plants, mining infrastructure, and unpiggable pipes in the oil and gas industry. Interested in the Versatrax 150™ Mark II for your own long distance inspections? Contact our expert team to learn more now.

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SewerVUE Technology Corporation specializes in the implementation and operation of multi-sensor systems for comprehensive pipeline inspections. They use various technologies, including LIDAR, sonar, Pipe Penetrating Radar (PPR) and CCTV, to produce detailed reports that provide owners and operators with a full assessment of the condition of their pipe. Find out more at