Don’t Forget to Wipe!

When BC Hydro needed a system to visually inspect long runs of small diameter conduits, the power generation leader looked no further than Inuktun. Using information gathered from the client, experience from a similar inspection performed in April 2015 and Inuktun’s proven Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology, our in-house engineering experts developed a special, extended range camera system.

One of the biggest concerns with these inspections is keeping the camera window clean. The conduits are internally lubricated to ease the process of pulling transmission cables, but the grease inevitably ends up on the camera, obscuring the view. To solve this, Inuktun designed and incorporated a remotely operated wiper that allows the operator to clean the Spectrum 45™ pan and tilt camera head when needed. Best of all, the wiper system required no additional controls – simply pan to the right location, tilt the camera head down – and voila! Vision restored.

Designed to be pulled through ducts as small as four (4) inches in diameter with multiple bends, this OnSpec Custom Solution is adaptable; larger ducts or pipes can be inspected by simply swapping in a Spectrum 90™ or Spectrum 120™ pan, tilt and zoom camera.

Whatever slippery situation you may find yourself in, look to our IM3 technology for an efficient and reliable solution for your remote visual, sensing and tooling needs. Contact Inuktun today for more information!