Inuktun Sighting #65: Russell NDE Probes Gas Storage Spheres


Spherical Gas Storage Inspection

When Russell NDE Systems Inc. needed a way to remotely deploy their bracelet probe NDT technology on the support legs of gas storage spheres, they knew that Inuktun’s Multi-Mission Modular (IM3) technology could provide the solution. The project, however, had its share of challenges. The system had to travel up and down the outside of concrete cylinders 30 feet or more in length, carrying a payload of at least 60 lbs. And it had to be able to drive at a consistent speed and orientation, even when the surface was wet or the legs were up to 10 degrees off of vertical. 

Bracelet Probe NDT Technology

Working closely with the Russell NDE team, Inuktun’s engineers developed a new vehicle utilizing 3 high torque Minitrac™ crawler modules and a custom chassis. The system was designed to dynamically adjust tension and track speed to ensure smooth travel, while recording its current position with an encoder wheel. As expected, there were some significant technical challenges. But trial and error and a little perseverance paid off. Russell NDE is now able to claim ownership of the only robotic NDT tool for inspecting the legs of gas storage spheres!  And they proved it does the job. Click here to check out the details of their successful inspection at the Imperial/Esso Strathcona Refinery in Edmonton. 

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