Inuktun Sighting #30: Less Customs, More Solution

Spectrum 90™ drop camera inspects potash ore bin

WSP Global Inc., a Canadian based engineering consulting firm servicing the energy, environment, industry, mining, transportation, and infrastructure sectors, contacted Inuktun after a Spectrum 120HD™ rental through a third party company was held up in customs two days before a confirmed inspection. With the pressure of a tight deadline for the planned two-day shutdown, welding engineering technologist Eric Lau approached Inuktun looking for a solution.

Inuktun responded to Lau’s request, delivering a Spectrum 90™ camera system within 24 hours to WSP’s worksite, a potash ore bin in Saskatchewan. The large potash ore bin, accessible from limited ports at the top, was internally inspected by dropping the camera 40 feet using an extension pole to guide the camera in hard-to-reach areas for maximum visibility.

The equipment worked great, was easy to operate, and the footage was very clear considering the extremely dusty environment it was in.
— Eric Lau, WSP Canada Inc.

Potash Ore bin Access for remote visual inspection

WSP was particularly impressed with Inuktun’s responsiveness and quick turnaround and looks forward to working with Inuktun on future remote inspection jobs. Contact us to learn how we can offer solutions to your remote inspection challenges in a timeline that works for you.

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