Inuktun Sighting #31: Many Tanks for the MaggHD

Last month, Inuktun’s multi-mission modular (IM3) technology was spotted on this poster found at the US Department of Energy (DOE) Hanford Site in southeast Washington State. The site houses 56 million gallons of chemical and radioactive waste stored in underground tanks, the result of four decades of plutonium production.

President and CEO Colin Dobell was onsite last month to discuss Inuktun’s tank crawlers and remote inspection capabilities, and demonstrate our new magnetic crawler, the MaggHD™. The engineers and technicians all loved the continuous tilt, high definition video, laser lines and the joystick control. Inuktun’s proprietary software and video features were a big hit, and opportunities to add or integrate other sensors were discussed. And, the team at Hanford has some great feedback for design improvements.

Inuktun’s concept for a marsupial system (the images portrayed in the poster at Hanford) to inspect the air slots underneath the tanks was discussed in more detail with key stakeholders. Inuktun presented the new crawler design at the ASNT annual conference last fall and plans to submit a formal proposal shortly. Request a copy of that presentation here.

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