Preventative Maintenance for the Long Haul

This week Inuktun Europe’s service department received a pair of Minitracs™ for preventative maintenance, only to discover that the tracks were returned with their original user manuals… from 1999. Coming up on almost exactly 17 years, the Minitracs™ were sent in for a standard tune-up.

The longevity of Inuktun’s multi-mission, modular (IM3) technology speaks for itself, but regular maintenance is key for long term use of our remote inspection camera and crawler systems.  With dedicated service departments from our Nanaimo-based headquarters in Canada, Houston office in USA, and Aberdeen location in the UK, local service is available for your maintenance, loaner equipment, and repair needs. For a brief overview of what Inuktun’s preventative maintenance entails, visit here and contact us for more information.

And hold onto those user manuals! There is valuable information in there that will let you keep on tracking.