The VGTV is now the Delta

The robotic crawler responsible for providing Inuktun with widespread exposure and increasing notoriety can easily be attributed to what was formally known as the VGTV - Variable Geometry Tracked Vehicle. For more than a decade, the VGTV earned the reputation as the go-to robot for search and rescue. It was among the four selected to search the rubble of the Twin Towers after the 9/11 attacks and was also used in Hurricane Katrina. The VGTV is now the Delta. Recce Robotics International Inc. (R2i2), the exclusive licensor and manufacturer, would like you to know the Delta and call it by name.

The new Delta brand reflects adaptability and change, which is exactly what is required of the system to crawl into confined spaces, survey over objects and conquer obstacles, without having to stop. In fact, the Delta crawler travels at 90 feet per minute!

R2i2’s President, Anne-Marie Williams affirms, “We appreciate and honour the history of the former VGTV and Inuktun’s role in developing it. The new name signals that we’re ready to take it in new directions.” Visit their website for more information on their adaptable robotic solutions.

See Inuktun’s robotic cameras and crawlers live in action with R2i2 and Crystal Cam Imaging Inc. in New Orleans! Inuktun is hosting an exclusive product showcase, concurrent with the ASNT Research Symposium, and we encourage you to register early as space is limited (plus, the first 40 online registrations will receive a Red Fish Grill gift card).