Check Your Latitude

Last month the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it is proposing revisions to the accidental release prevention requirements under the Clean Air Act or Risk Management Program. Its national enforcement initiatives (NEIs) already direct resources towards the most important problems where noncompliance is a significant contributing factor and where federal enforcement attention can make a difference. Now, the EPA plans on using the next generation technologies and techniques to identify and address noncompliance by facility owners and operators.


We’ve all witnessed the frenzy of reactive measures to an environmental catastrophe that might have been mitigated with routine assessment and maintenance. Meanwhile, Inuktun’s multi-mission modular technology provides reliable, remote inspection and sampling in confined spaces and underwater—potentially, well in advance of even early outward warning signs. Given that facility owners and operators can expect to have their routine checks, maintenance and safety plans more closely scrutinized for air and water quality monitoring going forward, Inuktun’s equipment will be, more than ever, key to successful prevention.

With the EPA itself likely making greater use of remotely operated inspection and sampling systems, inspection contractors and companies will do well to verify their own compliance in the same way. After all, if you’re not evaluating safer technologies and design in process hazard assessment, the EPA may catch up through new advanced monitoring and remote sensing technologies of their own. So stay ahead of the audit! After all, preventing and better preparing for emergencies at chemical plants and other facilities is the top priority for industry, stakeholders, regulatory agencies and communities alike.

Don’t miss out! Inuktun’s robotic cameras and crawlers will be on display next month in New Orleans, Louisiana—a major petrochemical industry hub. Register online today, and come see how our remote inspection equipment can help ensure your compliance!