Green. Without the Envy

Jeff CHristopherson (left) and David Wynne (Right at Globe 2016

Jeff CHristopherson (left) and David Wynne (Right at Globe 2016

Inuktun participated in GLOBE 2016, a conference dedicated to business innovation for the planet and sustainability agendas, held in Vancouver this week. Collaborating with environmental industry executives and other key stakeholders on green initiatives is one of the drivers of Inuktun’s research and development.

In fact, Inuktun’s latest magnetic crawler, the MaggHD™, is a result of the need for effective and efficient wind farm inspection. While drones offer aerial inspection of wind farm blades, the camera quality just isn’t comparable to the 360 degree continuous tilt camera with 1080p video and 10X optical zoom offered by Inuktun’s MaggHD™. The all-black, stealth looking ‘bot is also the ideal choice for tank inspection among many other applications related to preventative maintenance and repair reducing human and environmental risk.

Technical Sales Manager, Jeff Christopherson, met with Inuktun Asia’s President and CEO, David Wynne, who both found the conference very informative.

Our systems are designed to protect humans and the environment through remote inspection and preventative maintenance measures. Being a vital factor in sustainability is one of Inuktun’s core values.
— Jeff Christopherson, Inuktun Services Ltd.

Where will we be next? Inuktun is presenting at the SPRINT Robotics seminar in Houston early April and is hosting an exclusive Product Showcase on April 13 in New Orleans. Register now as this is an event not to be missed!