Sprint to the Finish Line

Last week Inuktun InCommand Robotics participated at the SPRINT Robotics Seminar in Houston, Texas. The two-day conference focused on the end-user and value chain perspectives on the importance and status of inspection and maintenance robots. The event was hosted by Chevron.

It was a good forum for discussion between vendors and the major oil companies
— Colin Dobell, Inuktun President & CEO

Publicly displayed for the first time was the new VT150 Vertical Crawler™; the latest magnetic crawler, the MaggHD™, was also onsite. 

InCommand’s Vice President, Wade Leach, provided a presentation on the overview of Inuktun’s multi-mission, modular (IM3) technology and the numerous applications it serves in the non-destructive testing and remote inspection world. A number of Inuktun’s clients were in attendance including GE Inspection, Proceanic, Quest Integrity, Sonomatic, and TEAM Inc.

If you missed us in Houston and our product showcase in New Orleans this week, why not schedule an onsite demonstration to see Inuktun’s latest innovations and how they can support your remote inspection needs? Contact us today for more information!