Inuktun Sighting #40: Nexxis Rental Fleet Expands on Demand

Versatrax 100™ Magnetic

Versatrax 100™ Magnetic

We found some debris such as bolts, washers and welding rods and we were able to retrieve these items saving time and money.
— Jason De Silveria, Nexxis Director

Inuktun’s Australian channel partner, Nexxis, is increasing its fleet of rental equipment due to the increased demand in an underserved market. According to Nexxis’ Director, Jason De Silveira, “Inuktun’s products offer a design alternative to the conventional crawler systems available in Australia and possibly the world”. For a long time, the requirement has been to inspect straight, flat pipe. With heavy industries like oil and gas, and mining projects with compact construction design, the ability to inspect a maze of pipework effectively has been a recognized a gap in the market. Enter Inuktun’s multi-mission, modular (IM3) technology.

With three Versatrax 100™ systems in its rental pool, Nexxis has discovered some unexpected benefits of the miniature Inuktun magnetic crawlers - the magnet assembly not only allows for vertical and inverted travel, but it can also act as a cleaning tool.  The vehicle is being used to inspect all vertical and horizontal pipework sections and retrieve debris in a single mission.

With confined space entry (CSE) being a major focus across a number of industries, the ability to offer so many solutions for magnetic crawlers and drop cameras give companies the option to drastically reduce the risk to personnel.  With the recent addition of a Spectrum 120HD™ PTZ drop camera to their rental fleet, Nexxis is able to offer a range of remote inspection technologies.

Versatrax 150™ Mark II

And that’s not all.  Very shortly Nexxis will be including the new Versatrax 150™ Mark II pipe inspection to their rental fleet, offering the ability to perform long range pipe inspection over distances of up to one kilometre. The Mark II is currently being considered for the inspection of seawater cooling intakes where divers would normally inspect tunnel conditions. Mining facilities are using the crawler for inspecting the conveyor system that keeps ore on the belts, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming manual evaluation.

As Jason previously said, “The Inuktun crawlers take our capabilities on large end inspections and subsea to the next level, bolstering limitless applications with our fleet.” Nexxis’ new rental fleet is proving this true.