Meet MUM (the MaggUT™ - Marine)

Following the successful release of its tank inspection counterpart, Inuktun is pleased to introduce the waterproof MaggUT™ - Marine to the standard product family.

MaggUT™ - Marine 

The MaggUT™ - Marine (MUM) is a small magnetic inspection vehicle, featuring two 4000 series Microtracs™, a forward facing Crystal Cam® camera and a Cygnus ultrasonic probe for thickness measurement. A pump box and hose allow for couplant delivery to the probe during dry inspections. A simple control box provides power to the vehicle and a USB interface for PC control, recording, and UT (ultrasonic testing) thickness measurement and logging.

With a maximum depth rating of 200 feet (60 metres), the MUM can be used to quantify metal loss on ship hulls, pressure vessels, large diameter pipes, or other subsea structures. And, with the Inuktun ICON control software, automation routines can be used to implement repeated A-Scan (thickness) readings. All sensor data is recorded and synced with the video frames, so generating summary reports is easy.

MaggUT™ - Marine

Because the system seamlessly integrates the Cygnus technology, inspectors can employ the different echo features for error checking measurements through coatings up to 20 millimetres thick, uncoated surfaces with heavy back-wall corrosion or pitting, or on painted surfaces with heavy back-wall corrosions (through up to 0.5 millimetre paint). MSI™ Measurement Stability Indicator, exclusive to Cygnus, affirms a stable reading in Single-Echo and Echo-Echo modes.

Best of all, the complete MaggUT™ - Marine system is surprisingly affordableContact us now to learn more!