Another 'Bot on the Wall

Check out Inuktun’s exclusive video of the brand new MaggUT™ - Marine (MUM) performing remote visual inspection (RVI) and ultrasonic testing (UT) at our headquarters now. See firsthand how the MUM effortlessly evaluates the test steel wall, measuring its thickness through A-Scans with the integrated Cygnus DIVE UT probe.

Expanding on the capabilities of the MaggUT™ typically used for dry tank inspection, the MaggUT™ - Marine miniature magnetic crawler offers enhanced RVI with UT where human intervention is not feasible above, below and at the waterline. The ideal inspection solution for ship hull, keel and other subsea structures, the MUM is not only versatile but also surprisingly affordable!

For scheduled or ad-hoc inspections, the MaggUT™ - Marine can get the job done with a one-man team, no special training required. Contact us now to learn how the MUM can improve your remote inspection needs!