Candid Praise for the MaggHD

MaggHD™ Miniature Magnetic Crawler

MaggHD™ Miniature Magnetic Crawler

Like its 360 degree continuous tilt, the MaggHD™ miniature, magnetic crawler is turning heads in the industry worldwide. Having received public recognition most recently in Australia, the MaggHD™ is visiting admiring fans in France next week. Closer to Inuktun’s headquarters in Canada, the MaggHD™ was just spotted inspecting water towers in Ontario. Described as a breakthrough in remote tank inspection, the MaggHD™ fills the industry need for an affordable, efficient, and high quality solution.

It basically enables faster, better quality and more versatile tank inspections and this enhanced performance in turn delivers long-term cost reductions and greater efficiencies to users
— Jason De Silveria, Inuktun's Australian Channel Partner, Nexxis

Features of the MaggHD™ include full 1080p video, a 10x optical zoom, variable intensity LED lighting and parallel laser lines for on-screen size estimation. Offered as a complete tank inspection system, the MaggUT™ HD camera head can easily be removed and attached to an extendable pole for quick pressure vessel and tank inspections.

Intrigued? Contact our expert team for more information, or schedule an onsite product demonstration to test-drive the MaggUT™ yourself. Who knows, you could be our next #InuktunInTheWild sighting!