Inuktun Sighting #44: A Long Look from the Versatrax 300™

Versatrax 300™ Reporting - Courtesy of Accessential


See the unseen. It’s rare for us to get our hands on onboard camera footage from our multi-mission, modular (IM3) technology, let alone hear where Inuktun’s camera and crawler systems are being used, but today we’ve been afforded Versatrax 300™ reporting screenshots from an active inspection being performed by Accessential. Ryan Beech, director and Inuktun’s South African dealer, is quite pleased with the quality that the Spectrum 120HD™ camera is providing and looks forward to the final reports.

We’re getting great close-ups of the defects in the pipeline
— Ryan Beech, Accessential Director
Versatrax 300™ Reporting - Courtesy of Accessential

Versatrax 300™ Reporting - Courtesy of Accessential

As you may remember from a recent #InuktunInTheWild sighting, Accessential has been tasked with the inspection of a 42,000 metre water pipeline in Lephalale, South Africa, renting the long range Versatrax 300™ crawler for the job. Part of the Mokolo Crocodile project, the pipeline ranging in size from 600 to 700 millimetre internal diameter, is being inspected in two shifts. The teams are inspecting 2,000 metres in either direction from each manhole for a total of 4,000 metres a day, assessing the condition of the bitumen lines as well as pipe deformations and ovalities.

The Versatrax 300™, with either a Spectrum 90™ or Spectrum 120HD™ camera, is available worldwide (restrictions apply) through our global network of dealers and partners. If long range pipe inspection is your business, contact us now to learn more about the Versatrax 300™ and how our rental systems can save your capital equipment expenditures.

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